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IRS Approves
on the Form 8879

  • Used to easily and securely e-sign any document anytime, anywhere and from any PC or mobile device.
  • The only E-Signature application designed specifically for the accounting industry 
  • Uses the proven and reliable Adobe EchoSign technology 
  • See why thousands of companies are adopting e-signature technology

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Secure Document Delivery

SafeMail has been given
a New Face and a New Name.
The Future of File Sharing is Here!

  • Multiple delivery methods: Send as PDF or Send as Link. All methods are sent directly from your email address.
  • Sent Items History: Company-wide reporting of file transfers for simplified tracking and client support.

  • NEW! Question-Answer Authentication. Avoid password confusion

  • Mobile Device Compatible. Access files anytime, anywhere.

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Adobe Acrobat Plug-In

Used To Prepare & Review Workpapers For Over
2,500,000 Tax Returns

  • Tic, Tie & Calculate (TTC) allows you to easily prepare accounting workpapers with Adobe Acrobat
  • You can now do onscreen (in a digital environment with .PDF files) the same things you did with paper 

  • The most widely distributed Acrobat plug-in in the accounting industry

  • See why over 2,000 accounting firms are using Tic, Tie & Calculate (TTC) 
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