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In 2010 more than 1 million electronic tax returns were delivered securely using CPA SafeMail™, the most INNOVATIVE and compliant document exchange solution for accounting firms.  CPA SafeMail™, dubbed “the e-mail portal”, was released in October 2009 and has innovated the way accounting firms use Microsoft Outlook.  It combines the best of email, client portal and file sharing systems in a single solution right from within the Outlook interface.  CPA SafeMail™ is now used by more accounting firms and clients, than any other portal in the accounting industry.



To maintain compliance with state and expected federal breach of privacy laws, accounting firms must encrypt electronic documents exchanged with taxpayers.  Many firms have implemented a traditional client portal to fulfill this requirement.  However, client portals have proven to be difficult to implement, hard to train, and a vast number of clients simply won’t adopt them.  Industry statistics show that only about 30% of taxpayers will use a client portal.  The other 70% continue to ask “why can’t you just email the files?”  This low adoption rate and less than 100% compliance leaves accounting firms frustrated with their client portals.  This problem is so widespread, that in 2010 over 5,000 accountants attended the cPaperless webcast series “Why Client Portals Don’t Work”.    



CPA SafeMail™ has redefined secure document exchange in the accounting industry.   CPA SafeMail™ includes all the core file transfer features of traditional Client Portals and File Share Systems (i.e. large file transfer, client drop box, long term storage, etc.).  However, CPA SafeMail™ is the ONLY system that also provides a solution to the 70% of taxpayers that want their data sent securely via email.  CPA SafeMail™ allows a firm to automatically encrypt email attachments right from within Outlook.  With CPA SafeMail™, a firm can now obtain 100% compliance with breach of privacy laws.      



CPA SafeMail™ includes two core components: 


1.   An easy-to-use Outlook Plug-in  

  • From the Outlook plug-in, the firm user simply selects the files to be sent, selects the taxpayer, and CPA SafeMail™ does the rest. 
  • Files can be converted to .PDF or .ZIP format on the fly, watermarks and document restrictions can be applied, and most importantly the attachments are encrypted with the taxpayer’s password as stored in the APM. 

2.   A highly innovative, patent pending web based application called the Automated Password Manager (APM).    

  • The APM allows a firm to invite taxpayers to create their own passwords, and then stores and manages the password lists. 
  • The APM also allows for easy password retrieval and password removal for the taxpayer. 



CPA SafeMail™is a complete bi-directional document exchange system that is as easy to use as email, resulting in high adoption rates.

1.   Unique to CPA SafeMail™

  • Automatically encrypt email attachments
  • Automatically create, store and manage password lists
  • Restrict document permissions and apply watermarks
  • On-the-fly PDF conversion and bookmarking
  • Much more! 

2.   Traditional File Share Functionality

  • Send Large Files (QuickBooks)
  • Client Drop Box
  • Online document storage 


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